Over the past six years CASA has developed a number of children and youth focused programmes with the purpose of sensitizing and informing these groups on the relationship between drug use and misuse and HIV/AIDS.

The CEPAG ( Children Education and Prevention Awareness Group) programme

The CEPAG ( Children Education and Prevention Awareness Group) programme aimed at children 5 - 13 years of age who would not have experimented with or use drugs.

The STAR ( Special Therapy for Adolescent Rehabilitation) programme

The STAR ( Special Therapy for Adolescent Rehabilitation) programme aimed at young persons ages 12-21 who would have already experimented with and are or have used substance (drugs);

The AYP (Assert Yourself Programme)

The AYP (Assert Yourself Programme) programme aimed at young persons ages 12 -23 some of who would have been involved in substance (drug) use, misuse either through using or trafficking.

Anger Management Programme:

Anger Management Programme:: Referrals of young persons to the centre have shown an increase in anger and aggressive behavioural issues. Investigations have revealed these young persons are incapable of coping with various pressures on a daily basis.  They are also unable to communicate or express themselves competently and hence are engaged in conflict as a consequence. Research has shown that over the last calendar years of 2007/ 2008 a total of two hundred twenty two (222) adolescents were counselled for behavioural problems. 

These programmes highlight areas relating to:
– Why people use drugs
– Risk taking behaviour
– How drugs affect people
– How people behave when under the influence of drugs
– The teaching of refusal skills
– How to assert oneself and to develop self confidence
– How HIV/AIDS is contracted
– The consequences on the person who develops HIV/AIDS
– How to be assertive and develop self confidence
– Understanding anger
– Handling anger

At CASA we are acutely aware of the relationship between drug use, misuse and HIV/AIDS. We are aware that when people use mind altering substances they are prone to engage in inappropriate and risky sexual behaviour which can result in being infected by the virus which leads to HIV/AIDS.

Our experience at CASA is that children and young persons who participate in these programmes appear to be better prepared and more able to handle situations which they face as part of growing up in society.

We would hope to extend these programmes beyond the walls of the centre and take them into the communities to sensitive children and young persons about the dangers of drug use, misuse and HIV/AIDS and with funding assistance this can be achieved.

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